Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson ( 3 days 2 nights ) 12th.Dec 2011 - 14th.Dec 2011

Swimming pool at the Thistle Hotel, Port Dickson, 3 days 2 nights stay....

I didn't manage to collect any photos for display at the swimming pool. Likewise I couldn't get a good photographer to take a photo of me in my new swimsuit that I bought at Teluk Kemang, I guess I would have to do with an imaginary photo that appeals to all...

I HAD A GREAT TIME AT THE SWIMMING POOL. I swam and sat and enjoyed myself at the jacuzzi for three days all in a row. It was terrific, swimming and playing in the water of the pool. The water was clear and clean. My niece knows snorkeling and she had a snorkeling set on with goggles and everything. I had to help her and save her at all times because her mother is busy suntanning herself at the poolside chair. She bought for her daughter floaties and a sandcastle set for building sandcastles and playing with water inside the swimming pool.

I ENJOYED THE JACUZZI VERY MUCH. I made a few friends along the way also from Kuala Lumpur enjoying their stay at the same hotel. They, like many others conquered the pool by soaking and playing with the clear blue waters of the swimming pool. My mother spend her time watching AEC on Astro inside the bedroom hotel. She also takes walks along the beach of Port Dickson with my father. We ate Buffet for two whole mornings, the second and final day. We also ate outside at Restaurant Fei Fei, Seafood restaurants and ate crabs, prawns, satays and Gui Ling Gao.

My thirst was quenched during the stay at Thistle. The beaches provided me the solitude for longevity. I had pictures of the beaches of Port Dickson at

WE ARE ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY, my Mom, Dad, brother, sister and niece and I, the greatest sixthsome. =D