Sunday, January 30, 2011

In Your 40s.......Keep Hydrated.

Halle Berry is in her I am.

By the time you're in your forties, the years of sun damage you did in your twenties finally start to rear it's ugly head. That, on top of what Tyra Banks calls your lymphatic drainage - the way your body gets rid of toxins decreases in speed to result in puffiness around the eyes and much thinner skin.

Since sebum production is also starting to slow ( how your skin stays moisturized and sometimes too oily ) , invest in a rich moisturizer and a skin brightener to lighten up a tired complexion.

Try Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum or L'Oreal Plenitude Anti - Wrinkle Firming Cream to fix worn out eyes and tighten up puffy skin.

Single : The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled and Independent.

Reading a book or having a conversation with a close friend or just writing an essay and having a good laugh - Life has never been so good! Lifts me up, up, up, up! Sunday 30th, January 2011.

The most charming and intimate hint on being single is that your spirit's lifted and you consider yourself suddenly down to earth, after being in outer space. You feel happy. Your single world is brighter and more interesting. I love it. Judy Ford writes a book on this subject and I couldn't stop reading.

Being single is like having a conversation with a really good friend who supports you all the way. When you feel lonely in what often seems like a world meant for couples,  you find time to enjoy your hobby. Do something that you love to do and was never given the chance. You will find that it patches up the brokenness and emptiness when you enjoy your pass-time and enjoy the comfort that it gives you.

Don't use up all your money. Be a good wager as well as a good spender. Know how to save. Know how to count. You may find that one day, you will need the extra cash to pursue that innermost thing that is been denied from you for a very long time, that you push aside because you had other important matters to pursue.

Then, all of a sudden, as if by magic, OR if you sudden found a giver or a support that pays you, take that special free time zone of yours for awhile, and just go to that special place in your heart, acknowledge it, it has been a long winter......

I find solitary profound when you go out shopping. Go cheap as living has been just. You don't live for yourself alone, you live for your special love ones - buy that 'thing' or that 'piece' or that 'dish-of-your-life' that has kept you lonesome up for too long. Sometimes it helps if you don't have high hopes. How you were brought up signifies how much a spender you are. Or are you just as much as a lonesome shopaholic?

Take a walk out in the park or at the field when the sun goes down or after a pouring rain. Suddenly you saw a rainbow and remembers God's promise. When the sun sets,  you saw the magical sky wonder, full of colour. How many of you has the chance to watch the sun goes down and walk back to a wholesome meal?
Thank your mother! Respect those mighty income earners! They earn money out there day in, day out, and you just spend money only! You just know how to tell people off. Why don't you take time and breathe?

Sat. 29th. I helped Mom carry goods home after going to the market.
Fri  28th. I helped Mom buy New Year goods at the Supermarket.
Thurs. 27th. I helped Mom choose Chinese New Year goodies at the Hypermarket!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tea - Time over here in Selangor. It's a hot weather. The sun is shining.

One day, my relatives came to my house to visit and bring us goodies ( a hamper ) for Chinese New Year. We had already bought Goreng Pisang and Goreng ubi keledek as well as Curry Puffs and we were enjoying our tea conversation over sundaes and coffee and teh tarik and juice. My aunt was quite a well-off lady who married a good and caring husband and both of them are working. Currently, my aunt has since retired, like me but doing her own part-time business to boost up her pocket-money.

We were discussing about the future of our children and the coming generations. Most girls want to work now, earn an income, drive a car, career-orientated, with a steady flow of income to support her family, her own needs and later support her future incoming family and raising children. Money seems to play a very important role in our lives these days and when money is lacking, arguments arise, quarrels abrupt and torment your marriage.

I was recalling those days , olden days when women has to stay at home and cook, take care of their children, babies, old folks and family members; now it seems that girls are all out there working , and accounting for their own lifes and expensive needs. Actually, I don't blame them. I would do the same if I am put into such a situation by my family.

In this new era, the family has to have a strong hold on the food storage, especially when both husband and wife are working. Mothers-in-laws come in and also maternal mothers and paternal fathers chipped in to help. It all depends on where and which family you're born and raised. Babies are so much to handle these days and nursery centers and baby-sitters are not to be accountable or reliable. One just has to keep an eye on all things. That's where the tele-communication media comes in handy. Hand phones. Cell-phones.Anything to connect and relate.

I believe that fate brings one man and one woman together. Fate also puts you where you work whole day ,whole night. Your destiny has already been written since the day you were borned. The gender deal. The family's decision , the money power and the number of heads. Take it as it comes. Deal with it competently. Success comes easy for those who strive. I didn't sit long enough in my office because the job is not mine. My work is at home with my babies, with my family , with my spouse. That's was the reason why I gave up my job. Not because I didn't sit long enough to enjoy the fruits of my labour, but my priorities set me this path.

I don't blame my mothers. The baby's mine. I take care of it. The allowance I will buy milk ,diapers, baby products and motherhood needs. I had what it takes to be a Mom. A full-time labour mom. I hardly sleeps at night and I take care of my children's needs and the family meals. Dinner time and bed time. Artificially boring.

You don't have to deny , you sweep the floor everyday, mop the floors everyday, do the laundry, hang out the clothes to dry, and toilet cleaning. I mostly enjoyed my quiet time and my Bathing Time. Don't arouse my mood until the time is right........Clean the rooms and make the bed......what about your kid's homework????
Well Done, elaine.

I'll take over when the time is right. Home Sweet Home.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jennifer Lopez - On the Floor (Marie Digby cover)

Dance the night away, tonight we're gonna do it on the floor........Dance the night away, tonight we're gonna do it on the floor.....Jennifer Lopez!

Love it , Feel it , Rock it down on the floor......

Me and my Nana House!


It matters not where birds will nest,
In bush or hedge or tree.
It is the sweetness of their song
Which brings the joy to me.

It matters not where people live,
In castle, hut, or rooms.
The place I like to visit is
Where loving kindness blooms.

For there the doors will open wide
To welcome all who come.
It is the way one is received
Which shows a HAPPY HOME.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Admiration for beauty.

We all have a love of beauty
That's hidden away inside.
It needs to be often nurtured
For us to feel satisfied.

We stop , to admire a viewpoint;
A valley from afar;
The closing in of twilight
When we see the evening star;

The stately ,graceful beauty
Of swans, as they glide by;
The fluffy clouds of summer
As they drift across the sky.

We bask in the glow of a sunset;
Or admire a rose for a while.
We respond to the look appealing,
Of a friendly happy smile.

The lives of loving people,
And those with a kindly soul,
Are reflected in their faces,
And it glorifies the whole.

"U Fuckin' Bitch!" by Holla @ Ur Gurl (A DOG-It's not about you,Lucky)

This is my recent pet dog , Lucky. I am telling a story about a Pain-in-the-neck She stole my Man.......She is a Hog.......More than a dog.......I can remembered it vividly:

Bitch you got me fucked up if you even think
That your gonna stay with him
The chances of him loving or fucking you
Like he does me are very VERY slim.

Poor little bitch you're so confused
but let me break it down to you
You can never walk a day in my shoes
I'm his motherfuckin' bu

I heard your cries when you tasted me all over him
You felt like shit cuz you knew where he had been
You saw my lust marks all over his skin,
Yup,that was my cum all up on his chin......HA

You can never be me no matter how much you try
As Jaz once said, I'm the MAN so step to the side
Let me show you how it's done cuz your short on supply
He'll always come back to me, I'm his natural high.

As Johnny said, if it doesn't fit, then you must'a quit......
That dick goes in me and I must admit,it's a perfect fit,
I have him whipped; cuz this punany is legit,
He can't sleep pass  it's slit ----Bitch!

Okkk,you can have some to so go ahead and embrace
Then you will know why you've been replaced.
It's not made of gold but it is full of grace
The punany you just tasted is now on his face.

GGGG-iiii-rrrrr-llllll, that's how I roll
I'm a bitch with a plan,
To beat ur azz until you learn ---- to
Keep away from me and keep away from my man!


I had a feeling that when my birthday comes this year, I will be switching channels to Fly Fm Frequent Flyer. The reason are quite personal, I don't want to voice it out, the world is ruled by numerous people and I am not a superior.

I find it hard to believe that as much as I like to hate, I was meant for love. So I find it a reason to push myself out of hate, for hate is the root of all evil.

Anyway, if all goes well, maybe I can get myself out of this reverie and justify myself with Mom's words - GET OUT! before it is too late.

My DADDY is ALRIGHT! He is Well again!!!!!

I went with my mother to see my father was admitted into the hospital earlier for a brain surgery and we had been sufficiently told of GOOD NEWS in advance. Let's just hope that the doctors keep to their promise and deliver them well as well. For what is Worth.

I saw Dad with his crop haircut like being in a Thaipusam parade,you ought to have your head shaved. He was doing quite well, irritable from being pushed around by nurses and having discomfort here and then.From time to time all of us took turns visiting him because I know it is very lonely inside a hospital.

I used to have this experience when I was delivering two of my babies. I was so alone and lonely. Somebody might think I have post-natal depression after giving birth. But the onset is, the hospital is like a graveyard. It is spooky at night and fidgety during meals time and I longed for my friends and my relatives to appear.

Anyway I only stayed as long as three to four days at a hospital and I have had enough. Lonesome sets in too much and I wanna go home with my baby.

I am so happy that my Dad is able to talk and to smile as well as scold any one of us. This shows that he is in control all over again and we are happy to see a recovery.

We will be visiting Dad everyday until he is discharged from the hospital with full confident recovery.

Thank the Lord for confidence,nurture and family bond.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

J-Lo, Tonight We Rock The Night Out Together!!!!!!

J-Lo, J-Lo,J-Lo, Tonight We Hit it On The Floor..........!

Hi, I'm Liew and I'm Malaysian. I used to travel around the world.......

My mother says I'm a wild bird and I like to soar......I can go right up high and also down to the core!

We have toured around the country,
And seen history's ruined sites.
We've been round the Homes so Stately;
Slept in Ancient Inns at night.

We have stood in olden Hallways
Knowing Kings onced walked just there.
But were glad when we returned to
Our own home and favourite chair!!!!!

There is just NO PLACE like HOME.