Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Secretary's Week!

Secretary's Week is about taking a break from serving your Boss. It's like serving your husband, you manage to take a break - hey, it's a week for Secretaries or Made-to-be Moms so we ought to be glad and have a good time just for keeps sake that we were once "young". It's not about work, work and work alone, for work does earn you an income but it does not satisfy your desire, completely. Satisfying your quench for freedom and ease is taking it easy and going loose like a shopping spree, or going to the spa to relax instead of being "always" conformed to the world of working men.

I have been a secretary once. I quit my job once I found my husband and we intend to get married. I made the right decision. Looking back, I have never regretted it. Life has its way of moulding you into a special being , and this time I had it made to be a fantastic Mom. My work is at stake, so I left it and abolished all rules to set my heart free from bondage once and for all.

I had my allowance, skinny as it is, but I manage to keep to my heart's content, it's like taking up a course in book-keeping once again and I had the top list to settle my priorities right. Conform as it is and I did, I manage to keep my heart set in on their rules and I had my mind set right for a goal. A goal to strive to perfection. On my part is a pair of serving hands and a well-managed budget and I managed to survive the 12 years SUCCESSFULLY. Hurrah ! for mighty and special powers on high...

Success was easy when you had the Lord to be with you. I value that special touch and that special bond with the Lord Almighty on high.I had my quiet sessions with him and my tears cried out for him as well but the moment to cherish and to absolute praise was my radio which provide excellent music to soothe my desperate soul in times of anguish and turmoil. I praise the Lord for my partake in keeping and spending it on my two Empress transistor radios. Thank the Lord on high.

I wish to wish all my successors in marriage or soon-to-be-wed sisters on their newly-found lives with their husbands-to-be that they will have every happiness and pleasure that God can reserve for them and absolute peace in pursuing their goals and dreams...Halleluyah ! I praise the Lord!

Monday, April 25, 2011

I Have Beautiful Hair~Franch Oils,Natural and Herbal (Olive,Eclipta Alba,Castor,Henna,Vetiver Grass and Coconut) ~ Treatment.

The Colour of my Hair!!!!!


This is a Passionate Kiss that leads to "Marriage"!

I Sleep Quite Early! But I dozed off Late! I used to take a Warm Bath.

I listen to music before I sleep and I switched it off before I fell asleep. I sleep ALONE.

Do You Like to be Kissed????

After spending my close-friend and good associate a free meal, she gave me a "kiss" on the cheek. I don't know about you but for a man to kiss his wife, it's a plunging of salivas........I somehow don't quite like the stench... but the love is comforting to the arms........I like to kiss my cute and adorable babies when they were young, somehow when my children grew up, they shied away from my darling kiss because their schools taught them not to be kissed, by anyone...

I describe a Passionate kiss is, an affectionate bonding kiss....that somehow got you unto bed.Halleluyah! My husband is not a good companian in bed, in response to "how good are you in bed" to men. I respected his working hours but somehow after my second child was borned, that was a huge gap and a huge emptiness. Chores had increased and so were the school work of raising children. And the pain and hardship of raising our kids and paying the school fees were so high it keeps him off his bed and he deny that he used to love having children after all... So we had it fixed that we would settle down for two. Amen.

My New Life ~ Being Single!

Everyday, I helped my Mom do the chores around the house, it is pretty hectic and sometimes very dull, in a sense that you won't like the job and had to force yourself to do it. I do out of the willingness of heart that as a daughter, as how I was taught and brought up in school, a woman's job is "always" at home and running around the house. If I have a car, I might drive to the supermarket, to the shopping mall with my relatives and sisters and with my Mom. Family affairs. Family business. Marketing, buying groceries and eating at food courts. Buying cheap dresses has always been a norm and never had we at anytime go over budget just for the sake of hyper-esctasy! ( over-do without consent!)

I NEVER go to NIGHT-CLUBS and had never intended to. My family won't allow it. It is just not a place for girls....I listened to orders and for the  past 42 years of my life had stayed OUT of trouble. Trouble had never come to me because I obeyed orders!!!!! I find it hard to see myself go to jail. I wanna ALWAYS be free and CAREFREE! ( not the lady-napkins,please).

I go out with my Mom to eat always. I go with my family to shopping malls to shop. It's a family affair each Christmas. We always budget on our expenditures and Mom has always put FOOD on top of our list. In fact my list too, she put on top - Food!!! We eat at restaurants that cater good Chinese cuisine. My father loves to eat. So does my brother and the rest of our kin.

I like to go easy on food because I am always Health-conscious because I have reached the age of 40. That's where all diseases start taking shape and if I don't eat proper meals or crash diet I will end up mal-functioned. I am always constipated so I take supplements to boost the digestion of my bowels. That puts me in good shape. That is my secret.

I wear clothes that fit me for the past ten years. I look 10 years younger than my actual age because I am small-sized and I am cute. I have slight curly hair due to extensive dyeing because everybody laughs at my white strands of hair. So I make it a point not to be laughed at. I dyed my hair with a special colour other than black and the colour that I like. So far I have tried all types of colour even blonde!!!! Someone even called me a Caucasian because I have highlights of blonde hair! At other times I am always a Latino because my hair is Brown. So are the colour of my eyes....I once had hair the colour of Shakira!

I like to thank God for a Good Life. I like to give thanks to God and lift up my praises to the Lord for whom all good thing flow! Thanks and I had loved the Lord....I lead a simple life.

I coloured my hair as I have grey-hair and I want to grow my hair long. I tied up my hair with a pin or hairbands.

Hi, my name is Wan-Ling Liew and I have grey hair and I have long hair. I want to have long hair because I sweep the floor everyday, cleaned my room all by myself , wash my hair daily, shampoo, treat, conditioned my hair and I coloured my hair with hair-dye. So far I have tried all types of hair-colour, my latest most recent one was Auburn coloured because I like the song by "Auburn" with her song "All about Him". So I chose the colour auburn and coloured my hair with this hair-colour, do-it-yourself. It saves money, time and cut cost and I have been colouring my hair for the past years.....

I had to do this because since two months of not colouring my hair, one fine day, as I looked at a shop mirror at a mini market, I had the Shock of my Life ~ I saw my white hairs, strand by strand! So I quickly bought a REVLON-brand hair colour that cost RM$20.90 at a Pharmacy and went home happily with an ease of mind. In just two hours - I have hair that looks like the picture above!!!!!

I like my hair for now and I love myself even more, that is most important. I had to remind myself that I have depression, a heriditary disease. I washed my hands everyday and at most time used lotion to keep my skin moist and suppled. I have been washing dishes for the past 40 years. Thanks and Praise the Lord!