Sunday, October 28, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

2 Corinthians 12:7-10 MY STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS.God choses to accomplish His most important tasks despite our imperfections, not because of our speaking ability, looks, or fitness for the task. God was looking for someone weak enough to use, and he found (you and me)! We don't have to have a whole lot of beauty and skill and position and grandeur in order to be within God's accomplished people. =)

Perfect boobs does not mean a Happy Marriage.....

I am with the LORD........


Male peacocks are resplendent creatures with iridescent blue-green plumage and elongated trains tipped with 'eyes' coloured in hues of gold, red, and blue. They are strikingly beautiful birds, but they have ugly feet !!!!!! To be honest most of us have some type of physical limitation. It may be something we've borne all our lives or one we've recently acquired. Paul described his deficiency as a "thorn in the flesh" that kept him humble (2 Cor. 12:7-9). Three times he asked the Lord to remove it, probably thinking that he could then serve God better. Yet the Lord assured him, "MY GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR YOU, FOR MY STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS." Paul replied, "Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

One of the ironies of faith is that God often chooses us to accomplish His most important tasks despite our imperfections, not because of our speaking ability, looks, or fitness for the task. Missionary Hudson Taylor said, "God was looking for someone weak enough to use , and he found (you and me) !!!!!" When we find strength in Him, He can use us in ways we could never imagine (v.9). - David Roper. God's strength is best seen in our weakness.


P/s : I may have ugly or small droopy boobs but my hands are skillful and I can cook well and laid the table extremely well. It is the hands they are looking for, not looks but skills !!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Breakfast at Pasar Moden MPS , Bandar Country Homes, Rawang. I enjoyed myself very much at the marketplace.

This morning, I walked out to the marketplace again to enjoy a breakfast meal and to tah pau takeaway food for my father and the rest of the family...... I walked out Many MANY times as transport is slow and walking improves procrastination. I will run errands for my mom and work for my father to do messengership with the bank or paying bills at the Post Office. I enjoyed walking as it brings out the vitality in me and my favourite past-time is walking and enjoying the scenery as well as work out to keep fit. Exercise keeps me going at all times. I have no money to enrol myself at the gym. This is my strategy and it works for me especially. Praise be unto God !!!!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My mother drives this car to the marketplace !!!!!!!!!!

My mother drives to the marketplace with me every mornings as she cannot carry sometimes a very heavy load of goods and FOOD. I helped my mother always to carry the basket or the bag for food. My mother at times reward me with food for the soul and this morning, my Mom reward me with a pair of SOCKS for two ringgit. I thanked my mother for it. I had thrown away a pair or socks with holes in them just this morning and had consider on getting a new pair. Thanks Mom ! Mom drives a car to the marketplace to buy groceries and lots and lots of food to eat for breakfast. My brother and father leads an amazingly healthy lifestyle due to my mother's commitment to her entire family. Now all it takes is enough money to buy food and commitment to her children and husband. My mother had taught me well but I was not paid well by my ex-husband and my children goes to a NOT SO GOOD SCHOOL. They SUCKS in their arrogantness.

So I had a divorce. My marriage didn't work out. It was not , I think it was PARTIALLY my lack of commitment due to a lacking in communication as I face language barrier. That was the ultimate countdown. LANGUAGE BARRIER and lack of LOVE. My children doesn't go to Sunday School and was encouraged by my ex-husband to worship idols on altars. DAMN YOU, EX!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Heart's Desire, my favourite food - for when you are old, all you ever think of is what you put inside your mouth and unto your stomach. What you eat matters most.

My favourite food, my heart's desire is BANANAS, I can eat two to satisfy my hunger, CAKES - I like ice-cream cakes chocolates or banana fudge, and ANYTHING to do with chocolates like nutella for bread and this is the BEST BREAKFAST THAT I CAN HAVE. Praise and Thanks be unto God !
I seldom eat chocolates these days but sometimes I munch onto a wafer at a supermarket where I take walks after walks just to ease my sorrow and to quench my thirst for water and snacks. I don't care about my bulging belly as it's not too big and I needed my baby fat to remember my childhood baby motherhood days that I had onced beared.

At times I will just walk out to the supermarket and enjoy a drink with a snack and sometimes I counted my money, if I wanted to save, I would only go for a drink to quench my thirst on jogging.
I love where I stay, it is near the school and a lot of stalls and trucks and sellers do business out there and they sell varieties of food and delicacies. I like to walk and bring my umbrella along just in case it rains. My walking shoes are quite affordable and I don't go for big expensive pairs that costs a fortune.My walking shoes are all from China and China exports a lot of cheap stuff and shoes that are cheap and affordable to buy. My latest black coloured walking shoes which I wear with socks cost only $15.90 and I have enough to get a drink and buy an ice-cream too and I badly needed to buy a pair because my old walking shoes had worn out.

I had loved the Lord ! I am simple. I don't ask for the world, I don't wear make-up. I wear only T-shirts and shorts and long pants and also JEANS. My best attire is a quite expensive BLOUSE to go along with my jeans and I don't wear jewellery and I carry my wallet inside my pants pocket and a hankerchief to wipe my eyes. I always bring my IC along with me and my other credentials. My cash flow is adequate for a solo only because my mother provided for my well-being only because I am her precious daughter. I am a filial daughter by nature. I used to spend on my sons well-fare before, when I was still married to my husband but my children are very spoilt and selfish and they asked for a ransom. I could not afford to buy for my children ALL the things that they like because they always chose the expensive type.

I love my children a lot and would spent the world on them but sometimes I could not afford to buy for them and THEY ARE SPOILT. I couldn't train them well because my Mandarin is not so good as I am English and Malay educated. So I leave them unto their loving father and their grandma to talk Chinese to teach them the facts of life and the rules of nature. I could only pray for them now as I am living far away from them. But their school life had already been pre-arranged and all their transports are being provided and taken cared of for and I have no worries unto them. Except I am scared that their grandma might sometimes knocked them on their heads with her knuckles or beat them up. I don't like this HABIT of the grandma and I HATE HER FOR IT. But I prayed that the Lord will see them through and may the Lord be with them in times of sorrow or discomfort. The grandma is a luxury grandma and would NEVER work without ENJOY!!!!!!!!

I wish and pray that my children's well-being are well taken cared of for and they eat well and sleep well. They are growing up children and I prayed that the grandma will provide good adequate food for those growing up children ! I have NO MONEY to fend for them but my prayers are always with them! If I am with them right now, I would use my WORKING MONEY and buy the BEST FOOD for them in town and quenched their hunger and desire but let NOT them be SPOILT!!!!!!!

MAY THE LORD ATTEND TO THEM WELL UNDER THE HANDS OF THE WICKED GRANDMA! God Bless them and I loved them all eventhough they don't. Their minds had been blocked from being blessed. And I had mistakenly created a bad rapport unto myself which I could hardly erased. My boys had been misinterpreted and misguided and misled. I don't know how to explain it to them but when they ask me the question again in the future when they have grown up, I will answer them with my own words. I know that God will definitely give me the strength.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rendezvous ~ ICE-CREAMS !!!!!!!!! I take a walk outside to enjoy a time of fruitful ice-creams!

A walk out to enjoy a stick of MAGNUM ice-cream priced at $3.90 Magnum Almonds or Magnum Classic.

At the supermarket, enjoying a time of ice-cream.....

At Aeon Rawang......whereby I enjoyed the Best of the BEST of ICE-CREAMS !!!!!!!

This afternoon, after lunch, I brought out my umbrella and walking shoes and walked outside to enjoy all by myself the serenity, to serenade and to enjoy the scenery while munching on a Magnum ice-cream. There are many types of ice-creams which I've tried and some of them are highlighted at above. I also tried Yakult, the yoghurt drink priced at $1.20 a bottle and I didn't get enough of the taste, so I bought another bottle, Vitagen priced at $1.00 at the grocery shop just situated outside my house. At any other days, whenever I am strategic and stress out, I would walk out and enjoyed myself with an isotonic drink priced at $1.40 or enjoy a stick of an ice-cream priced at $1.00 for Paddle Pop or $1.50 for TopTen. I know how to take care of myself and my belongings and I value my well-known Freedom. This is the only benefit that I get to serenade my loneliness and solitude. #foreveralone. I am forever alone.

Whenever Mom goes to the grocery shop, I will help her carry the plastic bags of things and she would sometimes spend me something out of courtesy or respect but I seldom requested for anything for money is tight and Mom always spend every once a fifty dollar note for change. My mother buys goods for the entire household and I never take her money or she seldom spend on my heart desires because the money is "working money" and NOT to be spent on heart desires. Unnecessary things out of desire for taste or waste.

Life should be treated with trust and respect. My brother's money is put into good use, everything is put onto the table and each and every thing at every opportune time goes inside his own stomach. His well-being is taken care of and he is extremely WELL-FED. Praise the Lord for OFFERINGS to the table. I eat a small portion of food for I know my part and I played my part well. I know my duties to be fulfilled , I don't like to be questioned down on that and I am always a filial daughter to my Mother and to my father.

I am always onto weight watch so that is why I watched whatever I put inside my mouth but at times when I walk out, I just want to pass time and to sometimes drowned my sorrows by walking. It helps me keep fit and keeps me in top form. I should have tried sunblock but the lotion or cream gets into my eyes, my mother uses UV protection and skin care and she HARDLY had wrinkles on her forehead. I don't use sunblock and so I think when I reached a ripe old age, I will get SPOTS on my face due to sun exposure during my many walks outside. I am not bothered the least about it because I am old and I had my share of experience. I have a whole lots of experiences on my shoulders and my knowledge and wisdom about humanity is deep.

I will walk out everyday of my life to end my sorrows and with a little help of the sunlight and sunshine, my spirits will be lifted and I will see things in a whole new perspective and I value my absolute FREEDOM of walks !

Friday, January 13, 2012


I like gazing at the sun. As I walk along life's pathway, I always look up and gaze at the sun.The sun is always shining brightly in Rawang, and sometimes it rains. I like the little droplets of rain which falls down from the sky and onto my face and my hair...They don't disappoint me, I had liked the rain as well , as a walker, as a pedestrian.... And I never forgets my umbrella !

The sun is like an UFO! Just look at the picture and you will wonder why. The sun is ever so POWERFUL and RESOURCEFUL!!!!! Reminds me of our human resources in life... I like taking pictures of the sun and its universe.. They fills me with a sense of awe...I had loved the Lord.

Please don't laugh at me. When you are old and fragile, and nowhere to go, you will be like me, a frail little woman of God. At least I lift up my hands in prayer to God and sometimes, just at times, I am heard....