Friday, January 13, 2012


I like gazing at the sun. As I walk along life's pathway, I always look up and gaze at the sun.The sun is always shining brightly in Rawang, and sometimes it rains. I like the little droplets of rain which falls down from the sky and onto my face and my hair...They don't disappoint me, I had liked the rain as well , as a walker, as a pedestrian.... And I never forgets my umbrella !

The sun is like an UFO! Just look at the picture and you will wonder why. The sun is ever so POWERFUL and RESOURCEFUL!!!!! Reminds me of our human resources in life... I like taking pictures of the sun and its universe.. They fills me with a sense of awe...I had loved the Lord.

Please don't laugh at me. When you are old and fragile, and nowhere to go, you will be like me, a frail little woman of God. At least I lift up my hands in prayer to God and sometimes, just at times, I am heard....

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