Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rendezvous ~ ICE-CREAMS !!!!!!!!! I take a walk outside to enjoy a time of fruitful ice-creams!

A walk out to enjoy a stick of MAGNUM ice-cream priced at $3.90 Magnum Almonds or Magnum Classic.

At the supermarket, enjoying a time of ice-cream.....

At Aeon Rawang......whereby I enjoyed the Best of the BEST of ICE-CREAMS !!!!!!!

This afternoon, after lunch, I brought out my umbrella and walking shoes and walked outside to enjoy all by myself the serenity, to serenade and to enjoy the scenery while munching on a Magnum ice-cream. There are many types of ice-creams which I've tried and some of them are highlighted at above. I also tried Yakult, the yoghurt drink priced at $1.20 a bottle and I didn't get enough of the taste, so I bought another bottle, Vitagen priced at $1.00 at the grocery shop just situated outside my house. At any other days, whenever I am strategic and stress out, I would walk out and enjoyed myself with an isotonic drink priced at $1.40 or enjoy a stick of an ice-cream priced at $1.00 for Paddle Pop or $1.50 for TopTen. I know how to take care of myself and my belongings and I value my well-known Freedom. This is the only benefit that I get to serenade my loneliness and solitude. #foreveralone. I am forever alone.

Whenever Mom goes to the grocery shop, I will help her carry the plastic bags of things and she would sometimes spend me something out of courtesy or respect but I seldom requested for anything for money is tight and Mom always spend every once a fifty dollar note for change. My mother buys goods for the entire household and I never take her money or she seldom spend on my heart desires because the money is "working money" and NOT to be spent on heart desires. Unnecessary things out of desire for taste or waste.

Life should be treated with trust and respect. My brother's money is put into good use, everything is put onto the table and each and every thing at every opportune time goes inside his own stomach. His well-being is taken care of and he is extremely WELL-FED. Praise the Lord for OFFERINGS to the table. I eat a small portion of food for I know my part and I played my part well. I know my duties to be fulfilled , I don't like to be questioned down on that and I am always a filial daughter to my Mother and to my father.

I am always onto weight watch so that is why I watched whatever I put inside my mouth but at times when I walk out, I just want to pass time and to sometimes drowned my sorrows by walking. It helps me keep fit and keeps me in top form. I should have tried sunblock but the lotion or cream gets into my eyes, my mother uses UV protection and skin care and she HARDLY had wrinkles on her forehead. I don't use sunblock and so I think when I reached a ripe old age, I will get SPOTS on my face due to sun exposure during my many walks outside. I am not bothered the least about it because I am old and I had my share of experience. I have a whole lots of experiences on my shoulders and my knowledge and wisdom about humanity is deep.

I will walk out everyday of my life to end my sorrows and with a little help of the sunlight and sunshine, my spirits will be lifted and I will see things in a whole new perspective and I value my absolute FREEDOM of walks !

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