Saturday, April 14, 2012

My mother drives this car to the marketplace !!!!!!!!!!

My mother drives to the marketplace with me every mornings as she cannot carry sometimes a very heavy load of goods and FOOD. I helped my mother always to carry the basket or the bag for food. My mother at times reward me with food for the soul and this morning, my Mom reward me with a pair of SOCKS for two ringgit. I thanked my mother for it. I had thrown away a pair or socks with holes in them just this morning and had consider on getting a new pair. Thanks Mom ! Mom drives a car to the marketplace to buy groceries and lots and lots of food to eat for breakfast. My brother and father leads an amazingly healthy lifestyle due to my mother's commitment to her entire family. Now all it takes is enough money to buy food and commitment to her children and husband. My mother had taught me well but I was not paid well by my ex-husband and my children goes to a NOT SO GOOD SCHOOL. They SUCKS in their arrogantness.

So I had a divorce. My marriage didn't work out. It was not , I think it was PARTIALLY my lack of commitment due to a lacking in communication as I face language barrier. That was the ultimate countdown. LANGUAGE BARRIER and lack of LOVE. My children doesn't go to Sunday School and was encouraged by my ex-husband to worship idols on altars. DAMN YOU, EX!!!!!!!!!

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